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APX Blog

Blog - Tips to Create a Positive Team Culture Now

Learn the importance that the Japanese term "ikigai" plays within the culture of your aesthetic...

Podcast: Becoming the Leader of Your Company Culture

"In Touch with Terri" Podcast with Dr. Yolanda Mangrum

APX Announces New Advisory Board

Aesthetic Industry Experts and Key Opinion Leaders Will Help Steer Strategic Vision and Growth...

The Key to Success is in the Sale

Terri Ross dives deep into the importance of sales, and how “selling” education is truly the...

Podcast: The Key to Success is in the Sale

"In Touch with Terri" Podcast 

APX Announces Izhak Musli as Co-CEO

Aesthetic Industry Business Intelligence Pioneer and Software Technology Expert Joins APX to...

Measuring Data in Plastic Surgery vs Medical Spas

We talk all the time about people struggling with data: 

Measuring Data in MedSpas vs. Plastic Surgery

"In Touch with Terri" Podcast featuring Izhak Musli

APX Founder Terri Ross to be a Featured Faculty Speaker at Miami Cosmetic Surgery 2021

Renowned aesthetic practice consultant Terri Ross will be featured in numerous panels and...

Perfecting the Art of Practice Management

If you’ve been around my tribe for a while, you’ve probably heard me say this over and over...